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This is my old Emily Carr website. They use to host it for about 5 years after I graduated (and almost 10 years after I created it).

Now they've finally dropped it so I'm reposting my copy here but that means some URL/links maybe broken. Sorry. Please email me if a link is broken that you want. It probably still exists so let me know and I'll fix it. I'll probably setup a better CMS here in the future so all this will be easier to use.

R U S L . C A

'Our Enemies, Ourselves' 2001, Silkscreen

self portrait: our enemies, ourselves - 2001 screenprint

Strindberg and Helium:

Strindberg+Helium: in Absinthe and Women

There are four Strindberg+Helium animations on this website. Stringberg is a depressed 19th Century Philosopher with scary eyes. Helium is an upbeat pink balloon character with a squeaky helium voice who repeats what Stringberg says. The animation is meant to be funny. The flash animation is set in the middle of a black screen page with a scrawling handwritten font.

The animation relies on clever dialogue and minimal motion to support the characters. The characters are drawn very expressively but don't have too move much. In later animations there are more special effects such as text and changing scenery or camera angles which make the motion more exciting. The first however shows only the bar and Strindberg's reflection staring back to him from his cup of absinthe.The techinques are very simple but supurbly executed. Timing is central to this short animation, as it is with all comedy. The overall design has drawings and scenery that are dark, brooding and reflect the sombre character of Stringberg. As the animations are so short very slight images play a big role. Even the ornate timepeice, lamp and furniture in the opening graphic [above] help to set the scene. Helium is drawn by the computer with very bright clean lines to furthur highlight the juxtaposition of the characters.
I found this piece very engaging because of the humour mostly and the weird ornate 19th century imagery plays a role in keeping attention. I think overall the peice is very sucessful. However it is not deep enough for the play to be longer and upon repeated viewing the film becomes less interesting. But it is definately the kind of animation you would email to your friends because it is so cute and bizarrely funny.


I think this is a useful page of animations
from Milky Elephant - who also made the Strindberg and Helium and has a really cool website home page. Mumbleboy is a prolific artist of web animations. His style is intensely psychedelic with music. Everything seems to be very simply designed in flash using geometric shapes and bright colours. The later animations are better than the first ones. Mumbleboy is a useful website because it really seems to take advantage of the medium effectively. Some are interactive animations.

The National Film Board of Canada also has a useful website. There don't seem to be a lot of web based animations but several in the Webworks section is good. There are a few other animations here and there such as Wade Hemsworth's classic logdrivers waltz though it is very low-res. There are also a lot of resources on how to make a film via this public agency which I hope might be useful to an animation student eventually.


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