what is this book?

sharing is outlawed

I'm advocating that we all learn to break the law about copyright in the interests of encouraging creativity. Thus, this guide to freely sharing art on the internet. Surely the issue of multiplied mass culture is too important for somebody else to decide. My short opinionated howto guide is about encouraging you to make up your own mind, given a basic context that may be hidden to some. It's not all about what is the most 'brand new,' or hot right now. It is about what technologies are real, meaning how they work for people.

To the left are the topics of this essay, this e-book. Music is probably the most pervasive art form that we all share in. I'd like to mention electronic music as a signpost of copy culture. There are mp3s of some avante-garde "illegal art" by Negativland, cut up music pioneers, for context. I suggest some free software that I use, and you may too. I've written a polemic about the law. To conclude, the philosophical implications of all of this are laid out, as I've imagined them.

The 1990s were full of grandiose imagery about the 'World Wide Web.' It is easy to become deluded in the rhetoric. What is left of our coherent sense of culture is tumbled and tossed about on a sea of technological 'revolutions.' The direction of these ocean currents are hard to gauge as the landmarks provided by corporate media commentators are often false. The Internet connecting of all those with capable computers has introduced a new universalism, even as it disintegrates tired norms. Peer to peer [P2P] file sharing is a dramatic example of the direction of events that is a beacon of light across the stormy waters. Or, so we hope.

The flow of information is endless.

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