negativland/chumbawamba examples

Looking at the technique of electronic music creation, sampling is both a term of derision and a celebrated new artistic frontier.
This beastie boys song is illegal due to it's use of un- permitted samples from AC/DC's back in black. It was released in 1985 but has never been legally reissued. This stands in contrast with their song Rhymin&Stealin, as mentioned by Phil Smith, which sampled Led Zeppelin. In one case the song is remembered as a classic, and in the other it has almost been forgotten.
The ironies are obvious as the record company representative has his hypocritical speech sampled and contradicting views of the importance of art are starkly presented.
This song is now about P2P filesharing. It was written in the time of Napster. Notice how this song features Metallica very prominently. Metallica were probably the biggest profile supporters of the recording industry against Napster, and to many, lost artistic credibility in doing so. "Metallica" was shown to rank at the top of common searches on the Napster network. As a result of this, if you are testing any music sharing search function, the first test search is traditionally for "Metallica" as either real or dummy MP3s with this title are ubiquitous.
This version is less boisterous than the earlier mix. Almost cynical about its own message. Computer dependency is revealed as a serious issue. A revolution without leaving our homes?
Quite an interesting discussion of copyright and art, this is a funny lecture. I agree with almost all of what he is saying and he brings up a lot I hadn't thought of. A good half hour listen when you feel like it.
In case you don't already have an mp3 player to play this back, or you are using windows media player, then here is a link to winamp which is free commercial software that is quite decent, or real alternative which is just plain decent.

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