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This page is old and out of date. Go to The Bicycle Family website for new information.

I will have some designs, pictures and offers of service soon. It will be updated in the summer of 2008 - towards the goal one day of being able to take orders and answer purchasing inquiries - for trailers to be delivered soon thereafter. Pricing for vehicles and custom work I am hoping to keep affordable for those of limited means. However, we had a baby boy, born in the water January 2nd, 2008 - so this bike trailer work will be delayed for a while. See pictures of Finnegann J Bicycle!

One of the ways I am trying to work in an ecologial/responsible manner is to recycle/re-use bicycle materials such as steel. This brings down material/pollution costs - but increases the labour time required. I am still considering all options. One of which may be sliding scale pricing based on income. Also, I hope to have options for those with little money to spare to buy only the part of the work from me that is missing from their own skillset - and have educational resources for people to find wheels/do paint jobs/etc. These right now vague ideas will be defined later.

My overall purpose is to get more people using bikes in ways they previously may not have imagined. To show and build examples how it can be easy, practical and fun. Overall we spend vast amounts of money on transportation - but right now so much goes into the price of cars - insurance, maintenance, fuel - things that we feel like we have no choice about. If we spent half of that money from automobile 'necessity' on practical bicycles we could have very luxurious human powered vehicles.

Right now I am building my new workshop when I'm not taking care of our son. If you have any spare lumber, wood or metal working tools -call me! If you are interesting in what I am doing with this project and would like to donate or form a partnership [we are stronger when we work together] then call me soon!

For now, please look at my portfolio page for some examples of the artistic images that are in my head. Or, you may want to look at some of my 2005 wedding pictures such as my best sociable built to date - The Love Bike. Or, some very quickly built temporary people pulling trailers [also pushing, and a tricycle with cushions] that worked well and were very comfortable.

I also hope to eventually create an online store so you can buy small sized artworks and place orders for bicycles/trailers directly online. That will take longer to implement - later this year.

Thanks for your interest
Russell Charles Kellett Buker Adams
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